Ivan Duda Education

“Ivan Duda Education” provides an educational approach that makes it possible to achieve the most demanding forms of men’s and women’s hairstyles. With over 15 years of experience in various educations and seminars,
we devote ourselves individually to each of our clients. The maximum number of participants is always limited to three to give you the feeling of private education.

Our educations are structured into basic and advanced levels, which means that you cannot access advanced courses if you have not completed the basic course (Prime, Essential). After completing our course, we provide you with a detailed analysis of your work to improve your skills.

Ivan Durdov Duda

Ivan Durdov Duda started his career in renowned hair salons in Split.
He trained at the Mič Styling Academy in Ljubljana and at numerous seminars throughout Europe.
He expressed his creativity as an educator for various hairdressing companies, and as a platform artist for Mič Styling, participating in numerous hairdressing festivals in Croatia and Slovenia.
Creating his independent project “Ivan Duda Education”, he designed his own curriculum for hairdressing education and thus sold out numerous seminars throughout the region.

His works have been published on prestigious hairdressing platforms and magazines such as Hairbrained, Bangstyle, Estetica Magazin and many others!
As the main man of “Ivan Duda Education”, the owner of the Mič styling salon and ambassador for the hairdressing brand Davines, he begins the branding of his hairdressing tool “Ivan Duda”. As he himself says, creativity cannot be taught, but it can be awakened,  it always lies somewhere in us!!!

Dinko Božiković

Dinko Božiković acquired his skills through years of work at the Mič styling salon in Split, where he still perfects the latest trends in the hairdressing industry.

In addition to his work in the salon, he also became recognized in the fashion and beauty industry, where he collaborated on various commercials and filming, as well as fashion shows. His creative approach and ability to adapt  to different styles make him a desirable collaborator in creating visual stories. Dinko is a member of the educational company “IVAN DUDA EDUCATION”.

He is an artist who expresses his passion for beauty and aesthetics through hair. Dedication, professionalism and outstanding quality of work make him a real expert in the beauty industry.

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